The Flower of Life is said to represent the Cycle of Creation.

The Flower of Life is a geometrical pattern of over lapping circles in a flower-like pattern.

It is part of Sacred Geometry, a term which describes the shapes, layouts, dimensional patterns and angles used for building sacred spaces, churches, and ancient temples. For example The Pyramids of Giza.

Whilst it’s not known exactly what the ancient Egyptians and Greeks knew of this pattern, many artists have used the symbol in their art work and it has since taken on a new meaning, especially to the New Age community and spiritual seekers.

We know that the flower of life pattern is similar to the molecular patterns formed in crystals like salt and quartz. It is also similar cell formation and division. It also has connections to The Tree of Life from the Hebrew tradition of Qabalah.

From the perspective of Sacred Geometry, we see that certain shapes and symbols hold power. If ancient temples and scared spaces contain beneficial frequencies, which help clear the mind and strengthen your faith then meditating on these symbols like the flower of life, will help align your energies to a higher vibration, or to the Divine pattern.

Sacred Geometry believes there is a Divine pattern to life. It’s like going with the flow of the river instead of swimming upstream. If you can only find your flow and trust the Divine pattern, which rules the entire universe. Keeping nature in harmony and all the planets on course then you can trust that this source energy will make sure your life is on course too.

How to use the Flower of Life?

We have created a Flower of Life mala and accessories, so you can incorporate this energy into your life. Wear these pieces to help you align with this significant energy. Meditate on the image of the Flower of Life to remind you of the cycle of creation.

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