To clarify what raising your vibration means…

How to elevate your mood
How to clear your mind
How to align yourself with the right frequency
How to boost your natural energy

Remember that feeling after a holiday? Fresh ideas and dreams enter your mind. You promise to yourself you are going to do something different. That’s a high vibrational state of being. Then after a while we “come back down to earth” and quite often find ourselves in a bit of a funk and doing the same thing over again.

Raising your vibration is the applied effort to reaching into that higher state of being. By making more positive choices for yourself and your life. Here are eight high vibe ideas to get you started!


Sometimes you know who they are but quite often you don’t and that’s when the most damage is done.


Toxic people will weigh you down no matter how hard you try to stay positive. You will always have to expend more energy negating the situation, protecting yourself and maintaining a positive mindset. It can also be quite a process “letting go”. I always say you have to let go from the inside first. That is to let go in your mind and successfully releasing all attachment from within. There is no point in letting someone go, if you still hold onto them on the inside. No matter how many external changes you make, it’s always an inside job.

If there is someone in your life that isn’t very good for you. It may be time to make a few changes for your highest good. Sometimes you can’t always identify who this person is until after some reflection.

Also, pay attention to the amazing people in your life. The ones that love, support and hold you up no matter what. These people are priceless.


A while ago I found myself tense and feeling quite unwell. I had taken on extra work load, which was taking away time I would normally use to rest and recharge. The added responsibility pretty much made me work focussed to the point where I cut out my much needed restoration time. I didn’t think there was a problem, I figured as a short term situation this was acceptable.

I noticed after a few weeks my health started showing up through niggling symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, fatigue (oh so much fatigue), irritability and most of all a reduction in my motivation and productivity.

Tasks which were easy and flowing before were a whole lot harder to achieve, let alone the overall progress. I pushed on. Until my body and mind were so tired I had to say no. I took a weekend out to work on my health r.e rest.

So as it is the cooler months here in Australia I took myself to the forest (I would go to the beach in the summer time). This used to be a regular practice of mine. I would frequently go to nature for “therapy” it would always make me feel good but as my schedule increased, my nature time was cut out.

The forest embraced me as mother nature does every time. Unconditionally and fully. Too tired to hike I sat under a tree and closed my eyes. It felt nice just listening to silence and my breath. After 20 or so minutes it was getting cold and I started to head home.

The most noticeable effect driving home afterwards was that I felt better. I thought to myself “Surely all those symptoms weren’t all from stress?” They were. I repeated this exercise later in the week in an attempt to reintroduce nature back into my schedule and I noticed a profound difference in my health but what caught my eye above all was that the results I was seeing in the world. Work productivity and performance was far more effective, in a seemingly magical way from incorporating nature. I was happier, more energetic and doing everything I needed to do.

Include time in Nature regularly to elevate your energy and vibration.


I think you know the feeling you have after a heavy meal? It’s no surprise you feel “heavy” and sometimes you need that grounded feeling. After a long hike, a long time without food and quite often you’ll crave a heavier meal after a period of stress. That heaviness you seek is actually the feeling of being grounded and nourished in your body. This is most likely a form of self medication and a way to get out of your head and into your body again.

There are better ways of stress management though… yoga being one of them 🙂

In general fresh fruit and vegetable juices, salads, herbal or green tea, pure spring water, smoothies and going on a detox will elevate your energy levels and mood. You will feel good for taking the time to nourish yourself.


As Anthony Robbins says…


A daily walk in nature is a great meditation tool. A run, whilst not relaxing, is helpful to boost energy levels. Some people get their fix from building strength and others from free flowing movement.

Either way moving your body mindfully is like medicine and will elevate your mood and clear your mind.


Or better put the habit of thinking correctly is one of the most important life skills to have! Thought power is responsible for the decisions you make. Therefore thinking is the cause and the effects are the situations you find yourself in.

Keeping positive thoughts contributes to the quality of your life. It also encourages more positive circumstances through the law of attraction. Aligning your thoughts to your highest good and thinking correctly is more likely to attract you the right opportunities and also encourage you to make better life choices.

Correct thinking is more likely to make you feel good because you won’t be triggering negative emotions.


Being mindful of your thoughts and changing the deep unconscious patterns can be a lot of work, which is why Japa Meditation is so helpful to break the cycle. With practice japa meditation will help train your mind to think healthier more constructive thoughts.


Creating sacred space is an art. Have you ever stepped into a place and it just felt good?

For example;

Idyllic spots in nature or sacred sites.

Temples, churches and reputed holy places.

Healing spas and anywhere where positive energetic healing work such as reiki, massage and acupuncture takes place.

Entering and staying in a sacred space can effectively attune your vibration and align your mind to this state. So, if you are in a vibrational funk for no apparent reason your consciousness can be lifted just from spending time in a beautiful place like this.


Maintaining the right self-development practice is essential for, well, self-development 🙂

Commitment, consistency and experience is the key to self-development. These are not very exciting qualities on paper but they are vital to progression in life. Without commitment and consistency you won’t get very far in your journey and you will wonder why you’re not growing as fast as you like.

Without the right practice or experience you will be ineffective in your growth.

A daily ritual even if brief helps you start your day right.

Some ides to inspire…

Affirmations and Positive Statements

Meditation and Visualization



Self-care routine (which includes something as simple as having a hot lemon water first thing in the morning)


Music is a powerful way to change your state of consciousness and align your mind and emotions onto your desired feeling.

If you are constantly listening to sad or angry music, is there any wonder why you might be reflecting these states of mind? Music, like art is either harmonious or not. Nature is harmonious. Universe is harmonious. If you are in a disharmonious state and you want to regain some of the natural flow available to you then surround yourself with what you consider to be uplifting music.

If you’re stuck for inspiration here is something to get you started…


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