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    • Heal your mind
    • Embody compassion
    • Practice Mantra
    • Radiate Grace

    This Tibetan inspired mala embodies the spirit of healing and compassion.

    It is said the unifying basis of all religion is compassion. Compassion for all beings and compassion for ourselves. Buddhism teaches you to become more aware of your minds’ nature and your thoughts. Holding consistent compassionate thoughts is one way of bringing more healing energy into your life. Thoughts after all, create your life.

    Use this mala with intention either by practicing your mantras using the Japa meditation or wear this blessed item as your favourite piece of yoga jewelery.

    Mala is finished with a silky golden tassel and a sparkling Light Love Bliss rose gold charm in the shape of a blooming star lotus.

    All mala bead necklaces come with a linen drawstring pouch for care and the tassel is protected during shipping.

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