Thoughts create your world. They are the invisible yet profound building blocks which make up your whole reality. Take a look around you and ask yourself the questions;

Do you like what you see?

Are you who you want to be?

Are you living how you truly want to be living?

Have you realized your greatest potential?

Thoughts can change your reality if you use them sincerely, consistently and with intention. You may have heard this message a few times and are tempted to scroll onto another page but don’t, read on.

You CAN change your life if you change your thoughts. It takes commitment to your Self growth. It also requires patience and a daily self-development practice but you can do it and once you are on the path to your greatest joy and self discovery- you will not and cannot digress. You may take short side trips here or there but you simply can’t stray.

Self Development can be many things. For some it is a form of exercise, yoga, meditation, affirmations, journaling, creating a vision board, reading inspiring novels, educating yourself, practicing music or creative talent. For the purpose of this post I am focussing on using mantras or positive affirmations to empower and heal your life.

I am Light, I am Love and I am Blissful if repeated for long enough over a space of time will bring blessings into your life!

This mantra or set of words should be repeated 108 times, the length of a full mala twice a day for at least 40 days. If you can repeat it more then you will receive more benefits.

What can you expect?

You will feel happier and more peaceful. You will make better choices. You will begin to open your mind and heart to all the goodness in the Universe. Your life will begin to unfold in greater ways as it did with my own. You will start to realize your greater potential and so much more.


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