My Story

My search for happiness took me to the foothills of the Himalaya’s to a city called Rishikesh, in India when the words Light Love Bliss were first spoken to me.

I had decided to commit myself to an intense yoga teacher training.

Focussing on the art and study of yoga during this time gave me the space to reflect on my mind and heart and to let go of what wasn’t serving my life any longer. The big things, my relationship, my mindset, the direction I thought I wanted my life to go in.

The yoga course wasn’t without its own challenges mentally, physically and emotionally and I often came to points where I was upset or feeling uncertainty.

At these times I would take a walk to the busy street and find myself in a crystal jewellery shop. My crystal cave. It was full of the most exquisite gems, crystals, jewels and stones. Catching the light and dazzling my eyes.

I liked the store as I have always appreciated gemstones and jewellery but more so, the man in the shop, the astrologist always had something special to tell me. On this particular day I was feeling uncertain and he told me to repeat these words after him;

I Am Light
I Am Love
I Am Blissful

He said this mantra with shining eyes as if sharing the light of his soul generously with my own. This man’s wisdom was more valuable than the jewels in his store. I was instructed to say these words as often as possible and I did. I recited during my yoga practice, when I was in philosophy class and when sitting by the Ganga River just gazing at its flowing beauty. The more I said these words the more empowered I became and nothing could touch me. Not the actions of anyone or even through my own limitations. Through the repetition of these words “I am Light, I am Love and I am Blissful” I became Light, Love and Bliss.

Now I want to share it with you both the practice of my healing and yoga journey, showing you how I healed my life and being and also bringing Light Love Bliss into the world. A place I call an eternal Summer.

Let me explain what an eternal summer is… It is a feeling of expansive joy and blissful that is ever present, regardless of the situation or season. No matter how grey the clouds look, remember there is always a bright blue sky underneath it.

The Light Love Bliss range offers you a space to reconnect to your light again and again if necessary. We also offer you beautiful, spiritual, and inspiring items for your earth journey into eternal summer, your eternal happiness.

Every item has been carefully selected, designed and has authentic roots. We have worked diligently to ensure high quality and beautiful items for your enjoyment and self development.

Ulyana Michailov ~ Yoga teacher, Naturopath, Acupuncturist, Writer, Creatress ~